What's Inside The Power of WHO!

Do you know that key relationships have been specifically placed to help you in ways you never imagined? Do you realize there are special people who are not just happenstance acquaintances but strategic relationships to help you find the life of your dream? Have you missed the simplicity behind this mysterious thing called DESTINY? Perhaps the real problem of finding your dream isn't about who you don't know, but whom you've neglected.

In THE POWER OF WHO! Bob Beaudine presents a revolutionary concept that will get you moving toward your dreams and goals in ways you never imagined. This book challenges many widely held presumptions, including the importance of traditional networking. Instead he offers a different plan -- a time-tested, unique approach.

First Beaudine leads you to identify people within your group of friends and friends of friends who are the foundation for making connections. Then he takes you through what you want to accomplish in life and encourages you to dare to dream, to DREAM BIG!


  1. Whatever I'm Doing, It's Not Working!

    All our lives we’ve been told that if we mind our p’s and q’s, everything would work out. Really? If that were true, then what happened to our dream?

  2. The Discovery

    This powerful principle has been utilized by successful dream seekers throughout time. “You already know everyone you need to know to get anything you need in life.”

  3. Your "WHO" World

    Networking is a misunderstood term today, because it implies friendship with people who are, in reality, only mere acquaintances. There is a better way, and that’s what this chapter is all about.

  4. "WHAT" Do You Want?

    Whatever you do in life has a transforming effect on you. Living the life you love has the almost magical quality of keeping you young, vibrant and healthy.

  5. Lists and Instructions Are Not Your Enemy

    Making a list is relatively easy. Making a good list, however, requires something more. “You can never get what you cannot see.”

  6. Life Provides Clues

    Anyone on a great quest is looking for clues that will help guide them. Each of us has an assignment, a purpose, a dream all our own that we need to discover or rediscover.

  7. Reworking You and Your "WHO"

    When you come to the realization that what used to work beautifully in your life is no longer working, it’s time to take a fresh look at the “Seven Components Involved in Reinventing Your Life.”

  8. Use Your "WHO" to Market You

    The “What” in life will take you only so far. Sooner or later you’ll come to a chasm you can’t cross without someone’s help. Learn the 4 deadly mistakes in Interviewing for a dream job!

  9. Mirroring, Mentors, and a "Personal Board of Directors"

    There are many more paths that lead to failure than there are that lead to success. I’ve come to believe one of the very best strategies you can implement to achieve maximum protection is to create your own “Personal Board of Directors.

  10. Detours vs. "Dream Killers"

    There is a rock solid rule regarding detours that will help you tremendously while you traverse the bumpy roads of life. “Regard the unknown as friendly and ultimately beneficial.”

  11. Moment Makers

    What would the world be like if everyone helped their friends and family intentionally? You have the power to open the door to someone’s dreams and goals just by believing in them and letting them know that YOU GOT WHO!




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