WHOniversityBob Beaudine

Bob Beaudine, CEO of Eastman & Beaudine,
manages the nation’s leading executive search firm
in college sports. Bob has placed over 60 Athletic
Directors and Coaches for Division 1 Universities. He
is a dynamic, engaging speaker who has spoken to
more than 20 campuses nationwide on a multitude of
topics centered around his books, The Power of WHO
and the newly released The Power of WHO Workbook.

The Power of WHO is a grassroots movement that’s catching fire all across the nation and transforming the way people think about networking. Bob believes one should “Do a job you love, with people you love, in a place you love, where your family loves it, and you can do it for all the right reasons.” His message couldn’t be more relevant for your student-athletes and staff members today.

Learn how to Stop Networking & Start Connecting!

Bob's college workshop with help you realize...

You Already Know Everyone
You Need to Know!

How “One Friend” & their
concentric circles of influence
can make all the difference.

How to Connect your Career
& Life Dots in the 100/40

“WHO” you are, What you
want, & the Path you’re called
to walk.

There’s no need for cold
calls, mass emails, or
uncomfortable meetings with

How to Declare... Activate...
Invest... Empower... & Do Life
With Friends!

How to Voice Your Dream --
Each of us has an assignment,
a purpose, a dream all our
own that we need to discover
or rediscover!

For Media and Speaking Engagements Contact:

Bob Beaudine
email: bob@powerofwho.com
phone: 972.312.1012


WHOniversity Results

“Bob’s message is very powerful and beneficial for every student-athlete and staff member. His energy and passion for the “Power of WHO” is sincere, and will influence all who hear it in a positive way. Bob’s presentation is making a real difference in schools and athletic programs around the nation.”

Dutch Baughman
Executive Director of Division 1A
Athletic Director’s Association

Bob’s presentation on our campus touched our student-athletes, staff and faculty outside of athletics. The message was moving and rallied our whole group to end the year with small victories and set the stage for the upcoming academic year. The message went viral campus-wide the next day.

Brian Wickstrom,
Director of Athletics
University of California, Riverside

“Bob’s message is critical for studentathletes who want to succeed in life beyond the game.”

Chris Del Conte,
Director of Athletics
Texas Christian University

“Bob Beaudine is one of America’s most enthusiastic, energetic and dynamic speakers. His message about the “Power of WHO” motivates each of us to use the gifts and relationships that God has blessed us with to find our calling and reach our potential. Bob’s message will resonate with your coaches, staff, student-athletes and letterwinners and inspire them to excel!”

Ian McCaw,
Director of Athletics
Baylor University