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The Power of WHO!

Power of Who bookThe Power of Who: You Already Know Everyone You Need to Know  by Bob Beaudine In THE POWER OF WHO! Bob Beaudine presents a revolutionary concept that will get you moving toward your dreams and goals in ways you never More Info »
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The Power of WHO! Workbook

Power-of-Who-workbook-coverSince writing my first book The Power of WHO a few years ago, I am asked time and time again, “Bob, how do you WHO?” Whether I am speaking to a group of executives from a Fortune 100 company, a group of athletes, or top officials from major universities, everybody asks for help getting started. With all this in mind, I decided a workbook was the best tool I could provide. So that’s what this book is: your WHO resource that will teach you how to live by the “Law of Less,” which is a paradigm shift from thinking the secret to fulfillment and success is having thousands of friends, fans and followers to spending more time with less people and building deep relationships with close WHO friends. More Info »
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POW Book BundleGet THE POWER OF WHO! by Bob Beaudine and the brand new THE POWER OF WHO! WORKBOOK at one great price! More Info »
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WHO Group

who-groupSTART A WHO GROUP TODAY! (Buy 4 books, 1 for you, 3 for your closest WHO friends) What if you started a local WHO Group in your neighborhood? What if you got together weekly with your three closest friends for the sole purpose of helping each other develop plans to achieve goals, dreams, and work through current crises? What if the combined experience of your group, plus the power of everyone’s circle of influence, could open up doors and opportunities you never imagined possible? More Info »
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WHO Pack

WHO-packWHO PACK-(Buy 12 for your WHO, get 1 for yourself free!) What good is it knowing the Power of WHO and your friends don’t know how to WHO with you? Start today investing in and nourishing your own personal who network! Teach your WHO how to “WHO” with you by giving them a workbook today! More Info »
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