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With 15 all new Stories from Bob Beaudine! Paperback 144 Pages

“May you have eyes to see the blessings and wonders right in front of you. May you have ears to hear the sounds of love coming from your family and friends. True friends are treasures. May you treasure the gifts you’ve been given. And may your eyes be opened to the treasures you’ve been missing. One final thing, may you polish and condition each of your treasures and cause them to shine.” ~Charlie’s Blessing
What if I told you that you’ve been given key relationships in your life, which have been specifically placed there to help you in ways you never imagined? And what if those special people are not just happenstance acquaintances, but are strategic relationships meant to be actively involved in helping you find that place in life you always dreamed about? And, as these relationships are nurtured and nourished over time, you will in turn have the chance to impact their lives in the same way they have touched yours. Is that an incredible thought or what?

Could it be that we’ve missed the simplicity behind this mysterious thing called destiny? What if the real problem finding that dream job, winning that big piece of business or even getting your mom into the right hospital isn’t about relationships you have yet to make, but more about revisiting existing friendships you have unconsciously neglected?
The Seed of Friendship
I love the parable of the mustard seed. Do you know it? It’s about a seed that’s smaller than all seeds. But, when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches. Yes, this tiniest of all seeds, once planted and cultivated, can yield a very large and flourishing tree that provides a place of rest and refuge for thousands of birds for decades.

This parable is a perfect analogy to our friendships today. What starts out small, over time with the proper nutrition and cultivation, can yield you and me an abundant harvest.

“The Power of WHO” is a message of hope. It is a story of how just 12 friends, 3 close friends and 1 best friend, can unleash a power on your behalf beyond your wildest imagination. It can change the entire trajectory of your life and those you love. The development and cultivation of even one tiny mustard seed, “one friend” is and has always been the missing link we were seeking.

Since writing my first book The Power of WHO a few years ago, I am asked time and time again, “Bob, how do you WHO?” Whether I am speaking to a group of executives from a Fortune 100 company, a group of athletes, or top officials from major universities, everybody asks for help getting started. With all this in mind, I decided a workbook was the best tool I could provide. So that’s what this book is: your WHO resource that will teach you how to live by the “Law of Less,” which is a paradigm shift from thinking the secret to fulfillment and success is having thousands of friends, fans and followers to spending more time with less people and building deep relationships with close WHO friends.

I want you to put these next three special words deep in your heart as you work through this workbook. The three words are: “I’m Not Alone!” That’s what I learned while writing The Power of WHO, finding an agent, a publisher and even getting on The Today Show, CNBC and Dave Ramsey. And the good news is “Neither Are You” in your search for your goals and dreams! You see, what you’re about to discover in this workbook is: You Got WHO! You have a community of friends, just like I did, that will come to your aid if you’ll only ask them. But it’s the Remembering, Reaching Out, and Reconnecting with these “gifts” in life that is going to be the real work of this workbook. I’m excited, I hope you are too—Let’s get started!

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